Flying Scotsman: 19.03

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Flying Scotsman: 19.03

Postby Max » Sun Mar 20, 2016 8:57 pm

Yesterday got up at 04.30 to go with friends to Grosmont, to see the joint most famous steam train the Flying Scotsman, we had tickets to catch the 09.30 and have a return trip to Pickering and back. Being a wordsmith I shouldn't have any difficulty describing how we felt but on this occasion I am! I was last pulled by the old lady either the late 50s or early 60s, how do I remember, well not being one to throw away anything of value I still have all my train books, I say its only about nine. I checked the log books and there was a "P" next to 60103 that meant I had been pulled by it, if "C" was next to any train and there are, that meant I'd cabbed it, most likely in the plant or loco sheds etc.

There were hundreds of people lining the route both going and returning some had cine cameras, cameras, bins, scopes but most were happy to wave and we reciprocated, when not leaning out the door window taking stunning videos and photos. The best part was on the return leg when the old lady was hitched to our coach as we were in the last one but going back the first, luckily the front of the train was nearest us! So you can imagine the thrills we got either watching, filming or taking photos while leaning out the window of her in action, plus listening to the new working parts was pure joy! I felt like a kid again and crikey that's some years ago lol. If I have one thing to complain about it would be the tinny whistle, maybe all the A3 had similar whistles :lol:

Right bird news: On way home we called at Scarboro and my friends spotted some birds in the car park and asked what they were, I was surprised to see Turnstones in a car park, well tide was in so maybe looking for titbits, they came within three feet of us, whereas normally I see them on the tide-line hundreds of yards away, there was 21.

Then checked the harbour and spotted a Black-necked Grebe a bird I've not seen for quite a few years, so our day was well and truly a fantastic one all round.

Kind regards

I'll be winding people up on me death bed! :lol:

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